Sunday, December 9, 2007

seriously feel lonely at the moment.....i haven't spoken with anyone including joseph for 3 months or so. i feel like crap that i didn't catch nelle when she was here. actually the only person i've been in constant contact with is sonia and her bf mikael. they're at noosa so it's good having someone to talk about real shit with.

i saw paul yesterday and he's doing ok. he's back at school and apparenntly he's staying with yves . about jospeh that's really sad...honestly!

about ian i haven't seen him anywhere at all....i don't even know where he's staying. I've seen him once or twice in alexander's car but that was it.

kayla's starting to talk a little, but she seems to mumble her words.....i'm starting to worry if it's because of the countless times she's fallen off the bed or hit her head so hard...Tye is big boy now...he's doing great.


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Liked it..


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