Sunday, December 9, 2007

anyways, ross was on our flight. he was so shattered. he and all the pilotboys all went out. he headbutted andrew coz he said he hooked up with toni. thisis the goss i know btw. ross said that he went to jims once and jessinta was sitting him (in the missionary positions were his words) and he asked why she was being quiet and she said coz chrissy was in the room.. jim lied to jessinta..but like shed still go to him (obviosuy) even though hes picked someone overher..apparently shes moving there next month. and chrissy said she missed jim today.. he rang her at 3 this morning.. dude he soooo likes her. hahaha. he sentehr a message the other day saying that he knew he shouldnt be but he wasmissing her... awe... hahhaa.. so yeah.. thats my goss.


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