Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ok i had a friend out this week so her elaine and me went out in noosa on friday night. It was fun there were heaps of people out. Shes cool. she not you but still cool. She will be fun to go out with but she keeps asking about the cowboys. Like where are the cowboys and im like i dont know i dont care. She thinks nathans hot. And antony not. Um jezza came up to me and gave me a half hug thing (wierd hes never done that before) and asked me where you were. and i told him you were gone (like he didnt know already) and he just sort of said oh and walked off. Then later at the good old bekery he was yelling at his sister and she was crying and they were like fighting right in front of me not kidding so i was gettigna bit worried that he was gonna bash someone cause he was so fired up. But moving on next person. voldermort didnt say anything to me but kept looking at me and showing off in front of me wierd but cant say much else about him i wasnt really paying attention to him. Ummm stewart was nice i lost my phone at the club and he came back and helpeed me look for it but no no happenings there. Will was really drunk and i hate him whens he drunk. Umm who else Tully was just tully fucking funny except really touchy feely but dont worry i have no attraction in that way to him. And thats about it. Ellaine is big on pokies. She smokes so i had like 3 on the weekend. Holy crap i vomitted at the club toilets on friday soooooo drunk but you couldnt really tell i was that drunk cause after my throw up i was fine. And then me and my friend went to emerald on saturday night so i have no longreach stories from that night.


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