Sunday, December 9, 2007

going swimming tomorrow morning!! woo hoo!! anyways,yeah im pretty sure ive got you know what- what we were talking abot lastnight... i got the symptons.. pretty embarasssing please dont tell anyonehahha.. well ive booked an appointment for monday & that gives me an excuse tonot go to school that day and i want mum to be there but i dont really know if ishould tell her.. but hey... so yerr.. going to see sonny bill williamstomorrow... nicoles siste ris looking after them so hopefully we'll be able tomeet them or see them or somethng! im bringing my camera.. anyways, cant wait tosee mum.. im eating so much its going otua control. im putting on weight iswear. k, enough about food and i must retire and get some neauty sleep.


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