Sunday, December 9, 2007

i was on the way to the beach house to pick up spare luggage. on the way back, passed that crazy bridge and further down near where the farm is and where the road nearly hits good road, i swerved to miss a cow. the truck spun backwards and then flipped twice. the driver's side window is smashed and the roof on the driver's side is caved in. i woke up and the car was upside down. the music was blaring, the car was making so much noise. i switched off the car, couldn't get out as my side was fucked and completley crushed and could barely move. i was bleeding. honestly, when the car flipped, i honeslty thought 'shit, this is it, i am going to die. i am honestly oging to die' and when i woke up i was waiting for the pain, but it didn't come. i just kickd the passenger side open and walked out and her man drove by and helped me out, then my dad's friends all came. i had over 10 cars come to check on me and help me out. the news has spread so fast. i went to town today for a check up and everyone knows. everyone. i have neck spasms and whip lash on my back and neck, bruises on my legs, my ankle is swollen. i am so grateful to be alive. i am so glad you guys weren't there. nobody can believe that i survived. i am not exagerrating. i honestly don't know how i managed to get away with nothing. i keep getting panic attacks and thinking you guys could ahve died. just imagine that. some of the people who checked on me started crying coz they were in so much shock. fuck i cant even think. i am just so argh. so lucky. and so in troullbe


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